Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

We offer two types of Backup and Disaster Recovery Archive solutions:  Platinum and Gold

Platinum Archive:  Device that acts as a local storage device and stand-by server in the event of server and/or workstation that are normally backed up to it fail.  This device allows a local mirroring of your protected devices, acting as a “temporary server” in case of a disaster.

Gold Archive: an appliance that allows local storage of your server’s backup, WITHOUT the ability to act as a temporary / stand-by server. In case of a disaster, a replacement physical server will be needed to recover your data.

The following applies to both Archive solutions:

  • Incremental backups will be done as frequently as every 6-12 hours and no less than nightly.
  • Incremental backups will be replicated and synced offsite nightly and no less than every 2 days if there is no internet connection problems or other technical unforeseen failures.
  • Secure Remote (Off-site) Storage will be provided at two (2) highly secure data centers.
  • Critical system(s) mirroring and full data recovery from a secured data centers; whichever is the most recent information stored in the event of total catastrophe, dependent on whether the on-site server and/or BDR are lost.
  • Full management, monitoring, local and offsite storage, and regular functionality testing.

All data is fully encrypted locally, during transmission offsite, and while stored offsite.