TeamViewer QuickSupport for iOS Devices

Step 1

Open the App Store App

app store

Step 2

Search for teamviewer quicksupport

search teamviewer quicksupport
teamviewer quicksupport

Step 3

Tap on ‘Get’ to download TeamViewer QuickSupport

teamviewer quicksupport download

Step 4

To launch TeamViewer QuickSupport,

tap on ‘INSTALL’ and

then enter your ‘Apple ID’ (or Fingerprint)

teamviewer quicksupport install

Step 5

When the Installation has completed,

tap ‘OPEN’ to start Teamviewer QuickSupport

teamviewer quicksupport open

Step 6

When the App opens provide your ‘ID’ to the Support Technician.

teamviewer quicksupport id

Step 7

When prompted, click ‘Allow’ to permit remote access support

teamviewer quicksupport allow

TeamViewer QuickSupport for Android Devices

Step 1

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

google playstore

Step 2

Search for ‘teamviewer’, and download TeamViewer QuickSupport

android teamviewer quicksupport

Step 3

Allow access for the Team Viewer App to install. Check the setting has changed back after loading.

Step 4

Open the program and tell the support technician your ID number so he or she can access your session.

android teamviewer quicksupport id

Step 5

During set up you may be prompted to install a TeamViewer add on. If so allow this.

Step 6

Allow the support technician access to your session.

android teamviewer quicksupport allow

Step 7

When the session has finished, you may close it by going back into TeamViewer and clicking the ×.

android teamviewer quicksupport close

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