Our All-Inclusive service features:

  • Unlimited business hours remote and on-site helpdesk / support from our engineers. On-site engineer visits are scheduled as required to ensure compliance with our Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance of general and critical issue alerts for covered servers and some network devices as well as covered peripherals such as printers, scanners.
  • Windows/ Mac device maintenance, security patches, operating systems, and updates performed remotely.
  • License and monitoring of virus / malware protection software. Install, scan, and remediate infections.
  • Support for client provided licensed business productivity software (e.g. QuickBooks, Adobe, Timeslips) hosted on the covered server provided you are under support plan with the software company, a valid license with documentation for any third-party or proprietary software.
  • All third-party and proprietary software will be supported, but on a best-effort basis. “Best effort” means that Company will try to troubleshoot issues with third-party and proprietary software assuming you are on a support plan with software provider and use a valid license.
  • Highest priority/response time for qualified support tickets.
  • Active Directory / Domain management including creating user accounts and groups, reset passwords, unlock domain accounts, and file/folder permissions.
  • Support for covered network devices network such as attached storage drives, wireless routers, etc., provided those are under current valid support agreement with the manufacturer or leasing company.
  • General desktop hardware diagnosis and repair, not including the cost of new hardware required.
  • Data transfers of files and folders to/ from covered devices.
  • Mobile device integration and connectivity support for supported email and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions.
  • Business email server management/ administration including creating mailboxes and distribution lists, contacts, and calendar setup, Microsoft Outlook profile setup, troubleshoot email problems.
  • Daily off-site data backup/ replication in a secure data center.
  • Quarterly consultation, management meetings/ discussions, budgeting recommendations, and anything pertaining to your information technology direction and strategy.
  • Basic Cybersecurity coverage including training, simulated email drills, and dark web scans. All-Inclusive clients are eligible for comprehensive cyber coverage.

Service Stipulations:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection required for all remote clients who wish to connect to our cloud environment.
  • An internet connection capable of a minimum speed of 10Mbps upload and 5 Mbps download on the client side. Gallop cannot guarantee performance for any devices connected with less than the above required specifications.
  • Connected devices must be running a legal version of operating system with a legitimate/ legal license.
  • Virus/ malware protection software must always be up to date and running on those connected devices.
  • Support of home PCs or other personal devices / devices of non-covered users without our monitoring agent running on them. However, Company might try to assist clients with these non-covered when the issue involves connectivity (for example, a VPN connection) but will be limited in the assistance we can provide, and additional fees may apply to assist with any none-covered devices.
  • Client is responsible for purchasing a replacement hardware or licenses for anything other than the mentioned above virus/ malware protection software we include.
  • Client network has to meet a minimum technical standard including support for antiquated equipment, non-supported operating systems, or other technical barriers.

Excluded services and items under this Service Plan, some available at additional cost:

  • After-hours support is billable
  • Wiring/ cabling.
  • VoIP service and equipment.
  • Cyber security audits, and any other security audits
  • Filling in audit questionnaire from 3rd party auditors, vendors, or clients
  • Printer / scanner hardware repair.
  • Data entry and administrative tasks.
  • Database customization.
  • Special projects like office move, cloud migrations, new server / computer installation/ implementation, M&A related work/ other networks mesh or merge, changes to software/ databases etc.
  • Website maintenance and modifications, marketing, sales.
  • New technology testing.
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