Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Package features:

There are two types of backup and recovery solutions:

  • Local stand-by server in the event that primary server and/or workstation that are normally backed up to it fail — acting as a “temporary server” in case of a disaster.
  • Local appliance that allows local storage of your server’s backup without the ability to act as a temporary / stand-by server but superior reliability.

For both solutions:

  • Incremental backups will be as frequent as every 6-12 hours and no less than every night.  
  • Incremental backups will be replicated and synced offsite, as frequent as every night and no less than every 2 days, assuming there are no internet connection issues or other technical unforeseen failures.   
  • Critical system(s) virtualization and full data recovery from a secured data centers; whichever is the most recent information stored in the event of total catastrophe, dependent on whether the on-site server and/or BDR are lost.  
  • Full management, monitoring, local and offsite storage, regular functionality testing. 
  • All data is fully encrypted locally, during transmission offsite, and while stored offsite.  
  • All data stored offsite will be in an encrypted format in two (2) highly secure data center facilities.  
  • Backup Frequency- Servers, workstations, databases, and/or any other protected machines can be backed up as frequently as every 5 minutes.  Retention policies will be customized to create as many archived versions of data and full recovery points as needed.

Service Stipulations:

  • Gallop must have access to all passwords relevant and related to this service. The backup data will always be encrypted and not accessible to anyone who does not have the password. If the encryption password is lost, the backup data will be inaccessible.
  • Frequency and success of incremental backups and offsite synchronization will be dependent on a variety of circumstances, notably network availability. 
  • Critical system(s) and a “successful” recovery will be determined, based on outlined Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that can be, for additional charge, set forth between “GTG” and “Client”. 
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