The following questions are going to assist us with information gathering, to better understand your current network status, vendors’ relationship, and user procedures.
We understand if you can’t find the answer to all the below questions, but please note that we might have to spend more time (hence- more money) to find the below information if it’s required for the type of assessment, and you didn’t provide it.

We understand that this is might be a lot of information that’s being asked here, but as a business, you should always know the answer to those questions, so answering those now, will help your business operate smoother and more secured.

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Company Information

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Network information

Physical servers are physical boxes that are used to house a server operating system.
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Current amount of staff members using a computer:(Required)
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How do the remote users connect?
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Please refer to a recent bill from your internet provider, and enter UPLOAD_SPEED / DOWNLOAD SPEED.... (For example: 50/10)
Please explain briefly which issues you are expriencing now. For example: 1. slow network 2. security worries 3. WiFi issues 4. Backups not working/ not tested etc...
For example: Office move, new server implementation, phone service change, hire new people, etc...

Backup information

Software used

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