The “cloud” has proven invaluable at providing convenience for collaborators, access to applications / programs and data, almost infinite storage space, and many more benefits, including lower IT costs. To enjoy those advantages, one only needs a device connected to the Internet and a login (which can – and very often is – saved for future sessions. Unfortunately for you, a hacker might not even need a username and password to enjoy access to whatever you store in the cloud, especially if employees are not diligent about logging out of their respective accounts, or if they utilize the expedient option of whatever gadget they use saving their credentials.

In addition, many of the cloud-based storage, SaaS (Software as a Service), and application providers have issues with outages and unforeseen bugs when they release updates. The fine print in their user agreements often warn that YOUR information, content, data, and customer details could be lost or inaccessible, and they even advise users to back up their data on a regular basis using a different service or third-party provider.
There are secure ways to make the most of what the cloud has to offer, and Gallop Technology Group knows what they are.

  • Migration / Cloud-to-Cloud Backup: When you need to relocate IT processes, databases, or other information into a secured cloud, or move from your current cloud service to another, we help make it a smooth transition.
  • Hosting: To make certain security is up to par, we make secured cloud hosting services available to our clients.
  • Management: So you can focus on managing your business and profit-generating activities, we handle the necessary but tedious and time-consuming tasks of creating user logins, managing password inquiries, resolving account access issues, and updating permissions in all of your IT-related systems.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Oversight: For essential-for-business cloud-based services like Office365, Azure, and the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), we provide the above management services, as well as initiate and assist in renewing subscriptions, and notifying you of provider-relayed access difficulties or investigating those reported by your team.

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