Spirit Partner Technical Support

The Spirit Partner solution aligns us with your internal network support people to provide your organization a higher level of responsiveness.  The onboarding process is highly collaborative. We will meet to define what specific roles, responsibilities, and the demarcations of delivery that are seamless, understandable, and simply work.  Many of the services are described in our All-Inclusive plan.

The demarcation can be customized for your team to focus on the tasks they do best, be that desktop support as they’re most familiar with the employees and how they work.  Conversely, we take care of infrastructure, servers, and projects, and tier 2/3 support.  Your team can easily escalate tickets and projects to us.

We actively encourage your IT personnel to fully use all the tools we offer with the Spirit Partner solution — cyber security, backup, monitoring, ticketing . . . we give them whatever access they need to do their job.

We train them.

We support them.

Their success is our success.

When your IT personnel need help or advice on uncovered items, will provide that.

The Spirit Partner Technical Support solution is perfect for the one man shop who needs supplemental help or the specialist with skills outside of traditional IT who could be contribute more profitably, but they never have the time because they’re working on trouble tickets or other low-payout tasks.

Spirit is affordable and perfect for those small businesses with a small support staff of 1 to 4 people.