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A little about Beits:

Beits Livneh, Founder and Owner, moved to Arizona from Israel in 2000 after visiting a friend and falling in love with the state. Since then, he met and married his wife, Christina, and they have 4 young children.

Beits considers Gallop Technology Group ”the 5th baby” in the family.

Beits’ background in I.T. started in Israel when he was only 15 years old when he became known in his neighborhood as the boy who could “fix broken computers”.

While serving in Israeli Military Intelligence, he received formal I.T. training, and then worked at a Microsoft college as an Assistant Systems Administrator. After moving to the American Southwest, he attended college in Scottsdale, and then formed Legal Technology Solutions, which provides law firms with information technology services and support.
Now, Legal Technology Solutions is a division within his larger I.T. services company, called Gallop Technology Group, owned by Beits and Christina.

When not working, Beits enjoys playing and coaching volleyball, watching comedy shows with Christina, try new restaurants, travel and listen to 80’s music…

Beits is known as an honest and friendly individual who understands the importance of business and personal relationships, respects everyone he encounters, achieves goals, and doesn’t complain when obstacles are in the way of getting things done.

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