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Any business would benefit from our all-inclusive managed IT solution, and this plan is especially ideal for companies with no in-house IT or technical support staff (as is the case with many small to medium-sized organizations). You don’t need to juggle your daily operational responsibilities and duties with the daunting task of making sure your technology and important information is protected when you have Gallop Technology Group on your side.

  • Cybersecurity: Technology and the Internet are vital for a majority of the business operations today. Without the proper measures in place, there is present potential for cyber threats. Harmful breaches and damaging data theft can leave a company crumbling and scrambling to pick up the pieces.

We keep your IT and sensitive data protected through the use of proper technology security tools and monitoring. We also advocate for educating you and your staff and assisting with compliance and recovery efforts.

  • Secured Cloud: The “cloud” offers convenience, easy access to applications and data, vast storage capabilities, lower IT expenses, and additional benefits. However, these advantages come at a cost – greater potential for cybersecurity concerns and threats. This includes exposure to login credentials being compromised and the possibility that information, data, and content could be lost if the cloud-based solutions provider experiences functional issues.

We lessen the likelihood of the possible downsides affecting you by providing our own cloud hosting. We pair that with management, oversight prevention, migration, and off-site security in secure data center backup services.

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  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP): Unclear-sounding conversations, bloated bills, inefficient call handling, difficult message retrieval, and frustration when trying to make routine changes with company information or updates. These are common complaints of traditional landline phone systems users.

We can help alleviate these concerns. With the flexible and convenient features of a VOIP connection on your network, your office can be anywhere with an internet connection. We provide secure VOIP hosting, initial setup, and even migration conversion.

  • US-Based Helpdesk: When your technology doesn’t perform the way it is supposed to, you need it solved as soon as possible to avoid both inward and outward-facing issues. These could include scenarios like employees not being able to complete their tasks or even login to the company email, your business missing opportunities (perhaps due to a down server), and cyber criminals seeing your defenses being down as the perfect occasion to wreak havoc.

Our US-based engineers are available for local on-site and remote IT services. We provide management for any and all of your information technology needs. We also offer 24/7 remote monitoring and critical issues maintenance alerts for covered servers and devices.

  • Network Installation, Configuration & Maintenance: If your organization’s network hardware isn’t installed and set up correctly from the beginning, it can cause immediate problems now and/or in the future. Many people feel like the process is more of a ‘plug-and-play’ situation. When doing so, they may not appreciate or understand the necessary complexities of ensuring the job is done right. It’s certainly more beneficial to use your time and energy on your primary core tasks and responsibilities instead of what could be hours spent trying to figure out what went wrong.

We provide the perfect solution for the job. If you consider us for outsourcing your IT Department, you can save thousands annually. Once the physical network devices are in place, your employees – and possibly vendors, clients, and suppliers – need to be connected to that network. This will allow interfacing, access to necessary applications and data, and to reliably transmit their information back to your business. For example: Submissions that include completed work, updates to client lists, new pricing sheets, or order updates from wholesalers. Your technology also needs maintenance, management, and troubleshooting which we provide for all our clients after the IT installation and configuration.

  • Software Upgrades: When a new software release or patch becomes available, you don’t always have the time to install it or complete any reconfigurations that might be required. Truth be told, your time and energy is better spent on activities meant to move your business forward and make it more successful.

Our familiarity with the software that businesses rely on keeps your organization’s device applications and tools current. Our attentiveness to these update releases are both scheduled and pushed as needed for imminent threats. Not only do these software upgrades offer new and improved features, tools, and capabilities, but they also include security patches intended to safeguard against the newest cybersecurity risks. Viruses, malware, and ransomware are constant dangers to your IT and data. We do our utmost to ensure you are securely updated.

  • Hardware Upgrades & Repairs: Over time, your hardware will need replacing, either because it has reached the end of its useful life or a newer model that would better suit your needs has become available. While some new hardware or devices might state they are ‘plug and play’, that doesn’t guarantee that they will ‘play’ well with the other technology hardware on your network. Some of these devices will need to be configured. Before the need for an upgrade or replacement happens, components may need repair. For repairs, it’s common to think a quick and free Google search will return a simple enough, step-by-step fix – but it’s also common that symptoms appear to be the issue when they are a precursor to a deeper, more involved, and complicated problem.

There is a reason that most businesses either hire IT professionals or engage the services of an outside partner like Gallop Technology Group. We have the knowledge and experience to make certain newly installed or upgraded hardware or devices will function the way you need them to. We also run tests and ensure a correct diagnosis is provided prior to repairs being explained and expertly completed by our engineers.