With a traditional landline phone system, phone calls aren’t always clear, the bills can add up quickly (especially if your company has international customers, vendors, or employees), voicemails require a process to retrieve, calls must be forwarded when you will be out of the office, and any additions, updates, deletions, or extension changes for personnel are cumbersome. Being tethered to a desk or office building is not the way most companies operate anymore.

Voice Over IP (VoIP), provided by Gallop Technology Group, takes away all of these headaches, and also allows you to have other business tools integrated (such as customer relationship management (CRM) software and email marketing. With a single dashboard, you can even view and reply to messages (both voice and email) and social media, making communication simple and more efficient.

  • Setup: For organizations without current phone service, such as those just entering the marketplace or moving to a new location, we arrange for the VOIP system and take care of the initial setup.
  • Conversion: If you wish to migrate from landline usage or an existing VoIP service that does not operate to your satisfaction, to Gallop Technology Group VOIP, we handle every aspect of the changeover.
  • Hosting: Secure

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