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No matter what your IT needs and requirements are, we are an ideal partner for your technology needs. For over 20 years, Gallop Technology Group has been working with organizations like yours, helping to elevate their cyber security, IT Projects, IT systems, and business operations.

  • Hybrid IT: Using a combination of on-site and cloud-based technology, we will find the right mix for your business. This option is available for temporary or long-term use, and depending on your IT needs and goals, we can recommend a strategy for you.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning And Execution: Your company must have in place not only a plan to deal with unexpected incidents or calamities, but also how to recover from them and someone responsible for overseeing the execution of that plan. Having a DRP (disaster recovery plan) helps your business processes get back up and running as fast as possible with the least amount of downtime. This plan should also address the sensitive information and data your organization is responsible for, and how it will be protected in such a scenario. Ideally, a partner specializing in IT services, like us, would be with you every step of the way in this process.
  • Other Services: Gallop Technology Group offers any and all IT services you need. In addition to those detailed on our website and solutions pages, we also offer IT temp support, intra-office and inter-office relocation of IT (including all preparation), low voltage wiring and systems, Microsoft Cloud migrations, and server administration (including implementation, upgrades, and migration).

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