Thank you for taking the time to fill in this technical application. It helps us determine your level of understanding and knowledge in the different areas of IT that we deal with on a daily basis.

Please make sure you are HONEST and that you pay attention to all the instructions/ details.

Once you fill in the form below, we will review it, and contact you accordingly, assuming all the information is filled in completely and accurately.

Pre-Hire Engineer Questionnaire

How would you rate yourself as an engineer (technical level)(Required)
Accepted formats are DOC, DOCX and PDF only. The form will error out if you upload other formats, and you'll have to refill all answers again.
Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 32 MB.

Please paste a link to an online video (on Google Drive, DropBox or any similar solution of your choice), with a 30-45 seconds of a recording of yourself, starting with your first and last name, and explaining why you believe you are a good fit for this position.
Business hours: This position is a full time position hours are Monday thru Thursday, 8:15 am till 5:45 pm Arizona time zone. 8 am till 5:45 pm on Fridays (staff meeting on Friday mornings). One hour lunch break daily/ mandatory, and additional breaks throughout the day, as needed by you. We usually end our day at 5:30 pm, but in some cases, need to stay later to complete a task or attend an urgent issue. Our full time engineers also rotate a 1/2 day shift on Saturday every 5-7 weeks. No after-hours work expected.

Technical Section

What are the top THREE areas of IT that you would feel comfortable being tested on, as part of the next interview?(Required)
please list exactly THREE by clicking on the + sign to add the second and third row. Examples: Networking, M365, Server installs, Virus removal, Sharepoint, BCDR, etc...

How comfortable are you answering these questions WITHOUT looking up the answer, or what is your comfort level with the below items?

On a scale of 1-5, where 5 means you know it 100%...
How many usable IP addresses are in a Class C subnet?(Required)
Setup HyperV live replication to a second local server(Required)
Create a GPO on Azure AD for local LAN printers deployment(Required)
Setup QoS and VLAN on a Sonicwall, to fix VoIP call quality issues(Required)
Troubleshoot DNS issues related to Email routing on a windows server(Required)
Setup SSL certificate (from "scratch") from 3rd party provider like GoDaddy, and install it on a Windows server for secured RDP access(Required)
Use Intune to force screen saver timeout on Windows 10 joined to Azure AD(Required)
Consult a company with 50 users on a BCDR solution(Required)
Your knowledge / experience with DATTO PSA (Autotask)(Required)
Your knowledge / experience with SonicWall(Required)
Create a new tenant on M365, including AzureAD, and join Windows 10 computers to this new domain(Required)

Work environment

What computer do you use? how many monitors? what internet speed do you get from your ISP? Etc...
IMPORTANT- AT LEAST 1 OF THE 3 REFERENCES YOU ARE LISTING BELOW MUST BE A PREVIOUS SUPERVISOR / MANAGER. The other 2, can be personal references. Please provide at least 3 references. Click + to add the next line.
Full name
Years known
Contact info
Realistically- outside of bonuses and annual potential raises, what would you need/ want your initial salary to be?
After you've worked with us for 4 years, what is a realistic salary that you feel you've earned, and match your lifestyle/ needs?
Please go to, run a speed test. When the test is done- click on the share icon on the top-right of the results section, and copy/ paste the URL for the IMAGE section.