CCS Hosted Server : Refreshing your connection)

The remote connection to the server sometimes needs to be re-established, similar to the need to reboot a computer every once in a while. This may be the solution to some issues/ glitches that happen on the user’s server session.
In order to reset the connection, here is what you need to do:

1. On the SERVER window (not your physical computer), click on START, and LOG OFF.
Please do NOT just close that window using the red X on the top. That doesn’t log you off the server. It only terminates the connection temporarily, and all your programs/services on the server are still running at that point. This is why we ask that you LOG OFF this time.

2. Wait approximately one minute.

3. Reconnect to the server using the same icon that you usually use.
NOTE: This will open a new session on our server, which will take longer to complete than usual. Just like turning on a computer, vs. waking it up from “sleep” mode. Give it about a minute to “do its thing” and you should be able to go back to work.

NOTE: This should be done weekly, to help the speed and reliability of the hosted server.