ADMIN Proofpoint Basics:

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1. How do I whitelist domains?

a. Log into Proofpoint

Picture1 1

b. Under Security Settings: Select EMAIL > Spam Settings

Picture2 1

c. You may adjust the spam filtering security by increasing or decreasing the trigger level….

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d. To add or remove addresses, domains, or IP address from safe and blocked sender list: Go to > Email > Sender List

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e. Follow the instructions on how to add addresses to each category.

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2. How do I add or remove a user into Proofpoint?

a. Go To > User Management > Users

Picture6 1

b. Click “ADD A USER” for new users and follow the prompts. To Remove a user, select them from the list below and click on “DELETE USER”.

Picture7 1

3. How do I add or remove a Distribution list to Proofpoint?

a. Go To > User Management > Functional Accounts

Picture8 1

b. When adding a functional account, make sure to select “distribution group” as the account type.

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4. How do I change how often I get a Quarantined Digest report sent to email?

Step 1: Open a recent Quarantine Digest email and select “Sign into your account”.


Step 2: Log in.


Step 3: On the left side, click on “Account Management”.


Step 4: Click on “Digests”.


Step 5: You can change how often you would like the report here. If you only want it once per day, change the “Interval between digest checks” to be 24 hours (shown below). You can make it more frequent as well.


Step 6: If you would like to make this change for ALL user accounts, click on the box that says “update Quarantine Digest settings for all user accounts”. If not, simply hit “SAVE”.