Welcome to Proofpoint!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I log into my portal?

a. Answer: Open a browser window and add the URL provided to you. Then, enter your email address and password (provided by administrator)


2. How do I allow a specific email source through the Proofpoint spam filter so I am able to receive emails from them? How about sending them? Or seeing which ones have been quarantined?

a. Answer: follow the steps below.

  • Log into your portal and click on “log search”.
  • Picture2
  • Then, under type select “inbound mail” or “outbound mail”, depending on the route of traffic you are looking to filter. Picture3
  • Under date, pick the time you should have gotten the email or sent the message. Picture4
  • Under Status, pick the message status you are looking to check. Picture5
  • If you know the email address you need to search for, you can enter it into the “from” box and hit search. Picture6
  • Once you find the message you want to release, check the box on the left and pick “release and approve”, then click “apply”. The email will then go to your mailbox, along with anything else from that sender going forward. Picture7

3. How do I change my proofpoint password?

a. Answer: In your portal, under the “Profile” tab, change your password. Select “Save”.

  • Picture8
  • Picture9

4. How do I encrypt an email?

a. Compose a new email message
b. Enter an external address
c. Enter “-Encrypted-” into the subject line. MUST be entered -Encrypted- !

  • Picture10

d. Add email content in the body and hit Send.
e. An email notification will be sent to your address confirming that the email was encrypted.

  • Picture11

f. Note the recipient of the email should look for an encrypted email notification (this may take up to 5 minutes).

  • Picture12

g. The recipient will need to click on the link to view the message. You will be required to register before you can use.

5. What will an email from Proofpoint look like?

a. This is the email you will receive when Proofpoint quarantines or blocks an email. You may do a few actions directly from this email…

  • “preview”: allows you to view the message without opening it
  • “release”: will release only this message, but others will continue to be quarantined.
  • “release and approve”: this will release the email AND whitelist (allow it to bypass the filter) it for any future messages sent to your mailbox.


6. I whitelisted messages from a specific sender to my mailbox, but their messages are still be quarantined. How do I fix this?

a. Something to keep in mind is if you whitelist a message for your mailbox, it will ONLY work for that specific mailbox. If you have multiple mailboxes that need specific senders/addresses whitelisted, please contact your admin to configure a global whitelist rule.

7. How do I change how often I get a Quarantined Digest report sent to email?

Step 1: Open a recent Quarantine Digest email and select “Sign into your account”.


Step 2: Log in.


Step 3: On the left side, click on “Digests”.


Step 4: You can change how often you would like the report here. If you only want it once per day, change the “Interval between digest checks” to be 24 hours (shown below). You can make it more frequent as well.


Step 5: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “SAVE”.