Remote Monitoring and Management

5 Ways Remote Monitoring And Management Protects Your Business

As a Managed Service Provider, our top priority is managing client network and technology assets to keep them safe and optimized. Working with us means we take responsibility for managing information technology so your business can use it productively. Our role includes everything from keeping software updated and data backed up to protecting you from cybersecurity threats.

One of our most important tools is remote monitoring and management of your network and all the servers, PCs, and devices within it. Continuous monitoring allows us to detect and correct problems more quickly — often before you and your employees would even notice them. This is particularly important when seconds count, as they do when you are hit with ransomware, the malicious software hackers use to deny you access to your data. In 2021, the damage caused to businesses by ransomware was expected to total $20 billion.

We use advanced tools to continually watch over the stability and security of your network and business applications, greatly reducing the risk of downtime or other disruptions to your operations. By offering peace of mind, we allow you to focus on running your business.

Here are some of the ways we help businesses like yours:

1. Ransomware Detection:

We recommend a multi-layered approach to preventing ransomware, including blocking of phishing emails containing ransomware or malware payloads. You should also implement a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan that allows you to recover business systems from backups even if attackers should succeed in locking up your data. What’s equally important is early detection of a ransomware incursion. That’s because, as bad as it might be for one employee to have their PC files encrypted and rendered inaccessible by a hostile actor, it’s much, much worse to have every computer on your business network suffer the same fate.

The ransomware detection feature of our tools allows us to:

• Receive immediate alerts when ransomware is detected, from the moment files start being encrypted by an attack.

• Isolate the infected device to prevent the spread of ransomware.

Perhaps you are actively defending against email attacks, but the attacker finds some other chink in your network’s armor. However, it might happen, you want to shut a ransomware attack down as quickly as possible so you can start on the recovery and remediation process.

Unlike traditional signature-based malware detection products, which can missnovel “zero day” threats, our tools uses a behavior-based engine to detect malicious software the moment it begins to carry out an attack.

Proactive Support2. Proactive Support

We can address routine issues before they become problems because we have the ability to monitor your business’ devices, applications, and systems continuously. Better yet, we can resolve many common issues proactively before they actually affect your network or prevent employees from getting work done.

For a more secure environment, we use tools to automate software patching of devices and applications. This is important because criminal hackers often attack well-known software vulnerabilities for which fixes (patches) are readily available but many businesses have not applied them. We help you avoid that trap.

In addition, we track the status of all devices to ensure all devices are properly supported and configured for security. The ability to do real-time monitoring also means we can keep all computers, servers, networks and devices running smoothly 24/7/365.

3. Rapid Response

When something goes wrong, we are on top of it immediately and can give it the focused attention necessary to minimize any disruption. That includes:

• Remote support for any device, from any location, within moments—we don’t need to be onsite to fix issues or errors. We can run scripts and execute maintenance tasks, even after business hours if necessary, to avoid disruption to your business.

• Automated remediation tools let us automatically fix commonly encountered issues with zero impact on your business.

4. Actionable Insight

Technology isn’t only an asset but a major investment for your organization. We can arm you with the insight you need about how these assets are performing, empowering you to make fact-based decisions to optimize your technology investments as follows:

• Our tools complete thorough audits of every device and every activity across the entire network. With visibility of your IT assets, we can capture everything from hardware to software to license information and track any system changes daily.

• We can provide detailed reports that are easy to understand and are relevant to your business. These reports identify what devices are having the most issues aren’t up to date with security patches or are coming out of warranty. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make informed business decisions supported by data.

World-class Security

5. World-class Security

It’s more important than ever to protect your IT infrastructure and the devices you use to run your business. That includes ensuring the security of remote access solutions.

• Multi-factor authentication safeguards access to each user account.

• Security controls and privacy mode can be enabled to prevent unauthorized access to devices. With privacy mode, the user must grant permission before their device is accessed by a technician for remote support.

Our tools give us the visibility and control we need to effectively manage all aspects of your IT service delivery, including hardware and software inventory, licensing, monitoring events, response times, resource utilization, life cycle management, and every aspect of your IT environment.

We are confident we can keep your technology assets optimized and eliminate disruptions to your operations. To ensure the reliability of your systems and the safety of your business data, contact us today.