How Microsoft 365 Defender Can Shield Your Company from Phishing Scams

How Microsoft 365 Defender Can Shield Your Company from Phishing Scams

Microsoft 365 Defender – What is it?

Microsoft 365 Defender is a standalone product that can be used with other security software. It works by scanning malicious files, phishing scams, and spam messages on the devices it is installed on. If it does find any threats, it will then remove them from the device.

7 features on How Microsoft 365 Defender can Protect your Company:

1. Phishing Email Protection

The most dangerous type of phishing scam involves emails from people who appear to be real people. The attacker frequently employs devious tactics, such as addressing the victim by name or nickname. They can even use real accounts to defraud businesses at times.

Then, it employs sophisticated tools to distinguish between suspicious and acceptable behavior. As a result, phishing emails are detected more accurately.

2. Malware Defense

Microsoft Defender 365 combats such malware with strong safety mechanisms, specifically:

  • Layered malware defense – The platform includes multiple malware scan engines to aid in the detection of potential threats. They offer a strong heuristic inspection to protect your system even in the early stages of an outbreak. This method of protection outperforms using just one anti-malware program.
  • Response in real-time – During outbreaks, the platform gives your team instant access to devices, allowing you to investigate and contain threats in real-time. It also enables your team to collect data and combat malware proactively.
  • Rapid definition deployment – The Microsoft 365 Defender team works closely with the developers of anti-malware engines. As a result, platform users receive malware definitions on time. Furthermore, the company checks for definition updates every hour to help protect you from the most recent malware.

3. Spam Block

Defender has powerful anti-spam technology that addresses spam emails by examining the source and contents. If the email comes from an untrustworthy source or contains suspicious information, it will be routed to your spam folder.

4. Safe Links

Safe Links use URL detonation to protect your system from malware transmissions. It scans email links and looks for unusual behavior.

5. Sandbox Isolation

By opening all email attachments in a sandbox, Defender can reduce this risk. It provides isolation, which means that malicious files can only affect the sandbox and not your system.

6. Enhanced Filtering

Enhanced Filtering is ideal for businesses that send emails to on-premises environments using third-party services before sending them to Microsoft 365.

The platform includes inbound connectors that verify the reliability of your email sources. The more complex the routing scenario, the more likely it is that email connectors do not accurately reflect their true source.

7. User Submissions

Microsoft 365 Defender includes a feature that allows you to create specific mailboxes to which you can send any potentially harmful emails. Your administrators have greater control over flagging emails and reporting them to Microsoft for further action.

Why do you need a Microsoft 365 Defender?

Microsoft 365 Defender is a cloud-based, proactive protection solution that helps you detect and block cyberattacks before they take hold. It provides continuous monitoring of your Office 365 environment, delivering accurate insights into the health of your organization’s data. Microsoft 365 Defender monitors for suspicious activity in your environment and delivers accurate insights into the health of your organization’s data.

Types of Data that are Protected by Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft 365 Defender is an enterprise security software that protects data from cyberattacks. The suite includes Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Microsoft 365 Security Center, and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. It offers protection against ransomware and other malware attacks as well as advanced threat detection for attacks such as phishing scams, zero-day exploits, and targeted attacks.

It also offers protection against insider threats with features such as device control to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data on devices that are lost or stolen; conditional access to help ensure only authorized users can access data; and application control to protect against the misuse of applications by employees.


Data is one of the most valuable assets that a company can have. Microsoft 365 Defender is a great solution for protecting your company’s data.

It provides protection against malware and ransomware attacks. It also helps to ensure that your data is safe by scanning it for vulnerabilities and providing alerts when any are detected.

How Microsoft 365 Defender Can Shield

Your Company From Phishing Scams